CitiLeaf Housing is in the Flatiron district, and the Chelsea district of Manhattan. We provide supportive housing for single men and women living with AIDS who were formerly homeless. We are a permanent home to the city’s most vulnerable people.

A major goal for our supportive housing programs is the ability to ensure housing stability for individuals with multiple, chronic, complex needs that are challenging to serve in other housing.
Structured as a tenancy, where residents pay rent and have the same rights and responsibilities of anyone renting housing. Residency in supportive housing is not contingent on tenants meeting certain behavioral requirements for access to housing.
Studies have shown that this investment pays off. Supportive housing offers better outcomes and costs less than the care provided through institutional settings that those experiencing chronic homelessness typically use: prisons, nursing homes, psychiatric care, and inpatient hospitalization. Instead of a life on the streets, in and out of shelters, hospitals and prisons, permanent supportive housing offers a stable home and a chance to rebuild a life that includes family, friends, and community.
Home to every CitiLeaf Housing resident is a studio apartment. CitiLeaf Housing offers life-enhancing services such as access to social work, healthcare, free meals, and community trips and activities. An affordable home, with support services ranging from counseling to life skills to transportation, depending on a resident’s individual needs – is a proven solution to ending long-term homelessness. A reconnection to life and others who care is priceless.

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